Mario Borelli

There’s a very good reason why Mario is one of the stars of new video “The Hung and the Restless,” (PMV 01) and after you get him to strip off his jock, you’ll see why. Around here, he’s known simply as “The Firehose.” As Mario himself says, “I’m built like a bull and hung like a horse.” This pumper is so huge it could stretch clear out of the screen. And you’ll hear all about it, too…Because Mario likes to talk. He knows how to talk dirty, and he loves it. This is one guy who really gets it, and gets into it. Big time. If you want a taste of this star’s talents, check out his video clips on and Then let him take you on one of the wildest rides since the last time you were on a rollercoaster. The ascent here is up and down the massive, nearly unbelievable proportions of this man-beast. And all of that man-muscle is encased in a very fine mist of body hair. Yes, other bodybuilders of his size and stature keep themselves smooth. Mario doesn’t care. He likes the way it looks. He thinks it’s the way a real man looks, and he knows you think so, too. So gaze into those dark, dark eyes, Run your fingers along the three-day beard stubble. And then him get into a nasty mood.

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