Evgeny Mishin Gallery

Professional bodybuilder Evgeny boasts a lat spread that looks as though he could take off in flight, and tree-trunk thighs that firmly ground him. Evgeny stands 5’11 and has a ripped contest weight of 260 pounds of firm, packed muscle. It’s no surprise that this super heavweight competes in both bodybuilding and power lifting. But he’s ripped to shreds, because at his level of competition, you have to be. He’s also handsome, tough and masculine. It’s a lethal combination, but don’t run away from this bus. Jump in front of it. And don’t let him put on the brakes. Keep him coming at you. And coming. And coming. He’ll work your every muscle while he’s working his. At the end, you’ll both have had quite a workout. That’s what happens when you board this bus.

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