Fred Sneaker and Mickael David

A dark, sweaty sex club on the outskirts of an un-named French city. A young man sits on a bed and massages his dick through his shorts. Mickael David is sexually charged and full of cum.

A tall, topless man in black soccer shorts stands at the lockup door. Fred Sneaker exudes danger.

The two men grope each other wantonly. Fred pulls Mickael's head down to his crotch. Mickael licks Fred's growing bulge through the shiny fabric of his shorts.

Fred lifts the leg of his shorts and pulls his dick out, feeding it into the mouth of his hungry slave.

Fred forces Mickael to squat on the bed and present his ass to his new master. Fred gets his tongue to work, pulling Mickael's ass cheeks apart, pushing deep into the crevice.

Fred forces giant anal beads into Mickael's ass, pushing them in one by one. The sensation is intense. Mickael yells, trying to control the searing pain.

Fred produces a large dildo which he seductively glides over Mickael's gaping hole, before pushing it in. The dildo forces the beads deeper into his guts.

Fred pulls the dildo out and begins to tug on the string attached to the beads. Mickael braces himself as the beads pop out one by one, jets of lube squirting everywhere. The giant dildo is immediately inserted back into Mickael's ass.

A moment later, Mickael is on his knees again, sucking and slurping on Fred's giant, erect meat.

But sometimes a master needs to feel like a slave, and Fred suddenly lies on the bed, encouraging Mickael to take off his sneaker, stand over him and push his sock-covered foot into his master's face. Fred jerks his impressive tool. Thick squirts of cum fly out of his dick and onto his chest and balls.

To complete the surprise reversal, Mickael allows a few trickles of piss to fall out of his dick onto the body of his former tormentor.
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<b>STORY: Kai<br />CHAPTER 3: Dr. Wolf’s Bedroom</b>

I didn't think I could meet someone who makes me as wild as Dr. Wolf. Everything about him triggers my deepest desires. Not only is he a handsome doctor, but he's an absolute power house giant! Being around him, I feel like he could crush me and dominate me and toss me around. But more often than not, he just wants to spoon me and hold me tight in his big arms.

When he brought me into his room, immediately I wanted to feel his lips on mine. It's so sexy how he leans in low to meet me, craning his neck to come down to my level. For a giant, he's surprisingly gentle. But he's very clear about what he wants.

As he pulls off my clothes and brings my underwear down to my knees, he can't help but grab at my ass with his massive paws, playing with my meat and even giving it a bite. It hurts a little, but I love how much he wants to devour me. And the feeling is mutual.

Every moment we're not fucking, I'm just thinking about how good it was the last time and how much I want it again. I have to pace myself, though. His giant cock is too big to take without being careful. He knows how to use it well, but sometimes my patience is no match for my desire.

When Dr. Wolf pulls it out, his shaft never ceases to amaze me. From the length to the width to the heavy, egg-sized nuts that weigh it down, I can't believe my body is capable of taking it. It barely fits in my hands, let alone my hole. And my mouth is hardly capable of taking it all in.

He knows that I'm desperate for more than just a blowjob. I want to be penetrated deep, feeling him own my body and my hole. I keep telling him, "I'm all yours, I'm all yours," inviting him to take control and ravage me. I know he doesn't want to hurt me, but after enough time with his manhood in my mouth, I don't care what it takes to get him balls deep in my guts.

I get on all fours, presenting my round bubble butt to him. I can tell he likes it. He shakes it with his palms and watches how it moves and molds to his touch. When I feel the wetness of his saliva on the tip of his finger, I know it's time.

It slides past my sphincter, breaking through the tight balloon knot hidden between my cheeks. I know how to relax it and keep it open for him, but his finger is nothing compared to his tool. As he steps up behind me with my body on the edge of the bed, he places me in just the right position for his cock to push against.

I could tell he was trying to ease himself in slowly, not going too deep too fast. I was grateful in the moment, but a part of me wished he would just shove it in and pound me out hard and rough. Maybe he did too, but the way he controlled his penetration was truly surgical and precise in nature. I guess medical training gives you that!

Just when I think I can't wait any longer, I feel it--the sinking of several inches of thick daddy cock deep into my insides. It shoots a sensation throughout my spine that causes the fine hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. It's truly like nothing else. And though I've experienced it before, it's like the first time every time...
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Jax Thirio & Jesse Bolton BAREBACK in Atlanta

Jax and Jesse meet in a hotel in Atlanta. Both are new to porn.

The two men stand by the bed, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing hungrily, pulling apart from time to time to visually drink each other in. Jax smiles, almost arrogantly, he's gonna enjoy leading this sexy Twink right to the edge!

Jax lies on the edge of the bed and Jesse kneels between his legs, slowly sucking the older man's dick, desperate to please him.

Before long, Jesse lies on the bed with his eyes closed and his ass in the air. Jax uses his tongue to tease the Twink's ass cheeks apart. Jesse whimpers like a hungry puppy. His naive body pulsates with anticipation, pre-cum pours out of his helpless dick.

Jax kneels and lines the tip of his giant meat up with Jesse's tight boy hole. Jesse gulps in disbelief as the dick tears into his sphincter. The muscles on Jax' torso tense and ripple as he starts to thrust.

The speed increases. Intensity rises. Jesse murmurs, snivels and calls for his daddy as he's relentlessly speared from behind. Jax leans back and thrusts deeper, offering an almost perfect masterclass in using a boy's ass with very little mercy.

Jax lies on his back and Jesse sits on his lap, allowing himself to sink down onto the older man's dick. It's time for him to ride his master like a good boy.

Jax pushes Jesse onto his back and bangs him from the front, staring down at the innocent boy as he tears his hole apart. Jesse whelps - eyes wide. The chemistry is off the scale. They are perfectly paired.

Jax fucks faster and faster, before violently blowing his load deep into the boy's ass.

He pulls out. There's a cum explosion. An unbelievably large canon of watery semen blasts out of Jesse's hole, flying over the bed, making the sheets glisten with sexual juices. This really is sex at its best!
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<b>STORY: The Doctor’s Son<br />TAPE #10: Jerking Off With Dad</b>

Jonathan is such a special boy. I am so proud of the way that he's developed. He's kind, conscientious, and an insanely sexy and sensual lover!

We were back at the cabin last weekend. Jonathan's started doing weights.

Seeing him in a T-shirt and jock, covered in sweat, lying on his back, lifting dumbbells is a sight which makes me feel very very horny.

I decided to show him how to lift a kettlebell for maximum impact on his glutes. Yeah, yeah, I know: I've a vested interest in his ass being as tight and firm as possible but it suddenly struck me as I watched him squatting and lifting the weight that he has the most perfect ass. And in that jock it looked more enticing than ever...

It had been my plan to get a big old dildo inside Jonathan for some time.

He got naked and we kissed for a while. Jonathan, of course, was hard within seconds. Oh to have a teenaged dick again!

I got the dildo good and lubed up and stroked Jonathan's dick as I slowly pushed it into his ass. It took a bit of work, but there was a moment when I felt it beginning to sink into him. His dick stiffened and he let out a low, deep moan. It was intensely erotic to see him on his back entering this sort of sexed-up trance as the rubber dildo slowly made its way inside him. With the final push, his body went still, his eyes narrowed and his mouth flickered with a smile.

I let go of the dildo and worked Jonathan's dick before playing with his nipples. He was in a reverie of absolute pleasure. His beautiful dick was bulging and ready to blow. I started to jerk him. He stuttered out the words, "that feels so good..."

As jets of semen sprayed out of his dick, I pushed the dildo further inside him. I don't think he'd ever experienced such intensity. But that's the nature of our relationship. We're pushing boundaries all the time and I feel so deeply proud to be his instructor as he learns to embrace the concept of pure pleasure.
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Tristan & Ari in Atlanta Chapter 3

Tristan loves to explore and connect on an intimate level. He's never been stuck on gender identity, sexual orientation, or anatomy. He sees the beauty and possibility in every person he sees... And when he gets hard, he's good to go!

Ari loves knowing that Tristan's been with men, women, trans men, and trans women. He sees before him a handsome, modern queer man; someone who respects people for who they are, not for what they carry between their legs! Sitting in bed, they talk and laugh, locking eyes, and feeling a powerful connection that gets them both excited to go further.

Tristan's soft, blond mustache brushes against Ari's lips as they kiss, giving him a pleasant tickle as they get closer. Ari passionately wraps his arms around him, feeling the strong, nurturing energy of his over. Tristan kisses sensually down his neck as he runs his hands over Ari's back and chest.

Ari immediately opens up to Tristan, giving him his body and affection. Tristan's soft chest hair rubs against his nipples, exciting him and compelling him to get closer and closer.

Tristan lies back on the bed as Ari crawls between his legs, gazing at his beautiful, hard cock. His watering mouth wraps around it, sucking on it as it grows bigger between his lips. Tristan smiles, feeling himself nearing orgasm from Ari's expert service. He locks eyes with him again, totally infatuated by the sexy boy in his bed.

Tristan pulls himself away to lift Ari up onto the bed. He spreads his legs apart to get a closer look at his beautiful pussy. He buries his face deep into it, tickling it with his mustache as he dives deep with his mouth. His tongue laps at his lower lips, tasting and kissing him as Ari moans with pleasure. The sounds vibrate his entire body, echoing on Tristan's tongue as he worships Ari's body.

Ari feels his body melt like butter as Tristan teases his clit with his favorite vibrator, interrupted only by the sexy man stealing lick with his tongue. Ari cums again and again as Tristan makes love to his pussy, shooting waves of pleasure out of every part of his mind, body, and soul!
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Stany Falcone & Maxxime Furrie

A darkened room in a Parisian apartment. A young slave, wearing nothing but a dog collar, kneels on a low stool.

A tanned, taller man stands in the shadows, also naked. He has a rock hard, 9-inch dick. He steps forward and casually pulls a leather flogger from around his neck. He uses the flogger to tap the slave's ass, then taps it again, this time with more force.

The master smiles, using the flogger, then his hands, to deliver more and more blows to his handsome slave's back. The abuse leaves marks. The slave's ass cheeks redden. Angry finger marks form on his pale skin.

But the master has only just begun...

He moves to the front of his slave and guides the young man's head onto his bulging meat, grabbing the back of his slave's neck and aggressively thrusting his juicy cock deep into the young man's throat. He's surprised - and impressed - that his boy doesn't gag or cry out when he's being flogged at the same time.

Within minutes, the master is pushing his thick, veiny dick deep into the young man's tight ass. There's not a great deal of mercy. The master goes slow for a few strokes, then starts to build up the pace. He certainly knows how to bang... and bang real hard!

The slave, now on his back, starts to jerk his own dick and, within moments, is gushing strings of spunk all over his thighs, belly and chest.

The master pulls out. Giant rivers of cum fly from his dick with such force that they shoot right over the slave's head.
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<b>STORY: Boy Eli<br />CHAPTER 2: The Appraisal</b>

When Master Charger is brought in to appraise the merchandise of the collective, he's usually inspecting young men who have been bought and sold several times over. The buyers trust his judgement and know what he is capable of giving their boys an honest, impartial value.

Master Charger looks at the boys both qualitatively and quantitatively. He wants to see what they bring to a potential buyer: where their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what can be trained and what is ultimately unchangeable.

A submissive spirit is a great start, and not without its own value, but can the boys suck without gagging? Can they bottom without stopping? How fast do their members get hard? Does it stay hard? Does it cum when the masters want it to, not just when the property wants it to?

Some things are easily observable, but some things require a sample.

Eli was still largely untested when he came to Master Charger. He was no doubt beautiful, but he had not been through the full experience of being owned. He was still very much a submissive boy longing to be dominated and claimed, but hadn't lived the life of a slave. This wasn't inherently a problem, but it meant that the muscle daddy had to scrutinize his potential.

He was smooth, young, healthy, and dripping with desire. Master Charge could practically smell his desperation to be used in his pheromones. As the older man touched him, Eli's body trembled and ached. He didn't recoil or hesitate, but he was still not used to thinking of his body as belonging to someone else. That takes time. But no doubt something someone would pay handsomely to correct.

With the other buyers around to observe, Master Charger looked him over from head to toe. Eli was beyond excited. The appraiser didn't know if it was his own masculine presence that Eli was responding to or if it was the idea of being watched by a group of powerful men. Either way, Eli was ripe for the taking, and Charger was happy to be the first to sample his hole.

Bending the boy over, the muscle daddy stripped off his clothes and mounted up behind him, making eye contact with his peers, all eagerly awaiting the first penetration. They pulled out their dicks, stroking themselves, turned on by the idea of the systematic breeding of their new find. They would have all loved to be the first, but the rules are clear: they're not allowed to claim him unless they pay for him. Luckily for Master Charger, they trust him to tell them how much he's worth.

As soon as he pushed himself in the boy's hole, Master Charger could feel Eli grip onto him with a passion and a fervor. Eli was practically fucking him back as the bigger top was pounding him harder and harder. Instinctively, Eli seemed to know his purpose and his place. He was a sheath for cock and a receptacle for loads. And he wanted it more than anything else at the moment.

As Master Charger got closer to cumming, he could tell that Eli was going to be an amazing procurement for any of the buyers. And as he erupted into the young boy's hole, his moans of pleasure were all the endorsement his peers needed before Eli was sent out to be sold...
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Kandy Kane Solo 2

Kandy is horny more often than not. Not only does he love the feeling of a deep pounding, but he loves the attention of being watched and worshipped. And with his stunning good looks, beautiful body, thick uncut cock and bubble butt, he's deserving of everyone's focus! Between shoots with us, he turned the camera on himself, giving a show of his intense sexual energy.

As he strips off his clothes, he reveals his perfectly placed tattoos, guiding us around from foot to face. There is no part of his body that he doesn't welcome a hungry tongue to taste. As he plays with his bulging cock, he looks down the barrel of the lens, luring you to come in closer.

Kandy's hole is an absolute star in its own right. As he presents his backside to the camera, giving a close up view of his ass, it's impossible not to imagine burying your face between his cheeks or, better yet, filling him up with your rock hard cock.

Kandy jiggles his muscular meat, showing he's the perfect himbo for your pleasure, eager to give you pleasure just as he strokes himself closer to climax. Watching his legs shift up and down and around as he starts to cum is like having a personal view of what it would be like to have him riding you all night and day.

Don't worry, he's not a one and done kind of guy. Just when we thought he'd given all he could, Kandy turns the camera on a second time to showing that he's already ready to fuck and cum!
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Jason Sparks Solo

Jason is known for putting the hottest guys on camera to see them get rock hard and cum. And while Jason is happy to sit in the director's chair and film, he's just as comfortable showing off as well.

This handsome daddy keeps himself in great shape by eating right, staying active, and exercising regularly in the gym. His buddy, Spencer, grabs his camera and catches the legend in the middle of a midday pump, getting himself ready for a night on the town with his young friends. But before the big guy heads out, he's promised Spencer a turn in front of the lens, showing off his body and his big cock!

Jason starts by running his hands over his chest and toned six pack, showing off their shape and form. He's proud of what he's built and invites you to look on and worship him. And when he pulls out his big cock, you can see why he's a master of making porn.

As he strokes himself harder and harder, Spencer makes sure not to miss an inch of the muscle daddy's beautiful body. Jason shows off his perfect, bubble butt, showing off his tight hole, tempting you to get in closer for a taste, maybe even to try fucking him as well.

Jason works himself up to the point of climax, but holds off long enough to stare into the lens and make sure you're focused on his long, powerful shaft before it jets out a stream of his creamy load!
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Julian Waits & Tad Tyler BAREBACK

Jason Spark's sexy American road trip stops off in Georgia pairing relative newcomer, Julian Waits with first timer, Tad Tyler. Tad's a handsome guy with come-to-bed eyes and a long, long cock!

Tad pulls Julian into him and they kiss passionately and sensuously. Tad may be new to porn, but he's clearly an experienced lover!

Now naked, Tad sits on the edge of the bed and moans appreciatively as Julian slowly sucks him, wrapping his lips around Tad's swelling dick and taking it deep down into his throat.

Before long, Julian is lying on the bed with Tad between his legs. It's Julian's turn to be pleasured and Tad keenly obliges, wrapping his fist tightly around the red head's cock as he sucks him.

Before long, Julian is squatting on the bed. Tad licks and caresses the bottom boy's tight, expectant hole.

Tad pushes Julian down onto the bed and unceremoniously shoves himself inside from behind, immediately starting to thrust at almost bewildering speed. He whispers in Julian's ear, telling him how good his ass feels, before hammering him, balls deep, with that long, sexy cock.

Julian gets onto his back on the edge of the bed and holds his legs apart. Tad stands, and fucks him with increasing intensity and speed. He slows down, builds the pace, slows down again, then goes full tilt, hammering the redhead, machine-like and balls deep.

Tad suddenly pulls out. He yells and explodes before letting his sticky cream drip all over Julian's stomach and cock.
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Greg Centuri & Hugo Martins

Hugo presents his bare ass to his uniformed top, Greg, ready to serve as his willing and eager slave. Greg is a tall, handsome soldier home on leave, horned up and missing the feeling of a tight hole wrapped around his cock. More than that, he misses the sensual connection between him and his passionate lover.

Hugo shows his adoration for the fatigue-wearing top by kissing him softly on the lips. It's a tender moment that reminds them what they meant to each other before they get to the business of fucking. Opening Greg's combat attire, Hugo sees his dog tags hanging around his neck and on his smooth, muscular chest. His eyes continue down to his throbbing cock, standing at attention like a soldier.

Hugo immediately drops to his knees as a sign of respect, taking the massive cock in his mouth and feeling it fill his throat. He worships this man. He wants to taste him, swallow him, and make him feel like a king. Even as he gags on his cock, he happily persists, willing to do anything Greg wants.

Greg is used to taking orders and following the chain of command, but here, he's in charge. He calls the shots. And when he looks into Hugo's eyes as he devours his manhood, he feels unstoppable.

Greg turns Hugo around, bending him over to see his hole. He instinctively presses his tongue between the round, muscular cheeks of his submissive, feeling the heat on his hole as he awaits his proper fucking. Greg could kiss his ass for days, but knows Hugo hungers for a deeper feeling.

Grabbing onto the band of Hugo's jockstrap, Greg warms up his bottom as he strokes his cock, holding him in place before sliding his meat into his tight hole. Hugo lets out a loud moan as the hard tool moves into his body, trying his best to take it without struggle. Greg is caring, but he is not relenting. He continues onward, conquering Hugo's body and fucking him hard like he knows he needs.

Hugo has waited ages for this moment and he's not about to back down now. He feels his body shake and tremble as Greg's balls slap against his ass, reminding him of the load they contain. Hugo wants to feel it on him, covering him with the warm milk of his loins. Getting on the ground, he looks up at his uniformed top as he strokes his shaft, letting the eruption of his cock pour out onto his smooth chest!
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<b>STORY: Eli<br />CHAPTER 1: Dr. Wolf’s Office</b>

As Dr. Wolf began to take measurements of his small size, height, and weight, Eli couldn't help but study the giant himself. He noticed how handsome he was, how his eyes seemed to continuously dip down to his, meeting his gaze momentarily before darting back to what he was supposed to be looking at. Eli couldn't tell if he was checking him out or not, but when he took off his clothes, he felt the tension ratchet up.

Dr. Wolf tried to continue professionally and responsibly, but when it came time to check Eli's loins, he couldn't help but find himself getting aroused. The older man loved handling the beautiful boy's cock and balls, feeling their weight in his big hands and seeing the shaft become erect from his touch. Eli was a beautiful specimen, and one that he needed to have for himself.

Taking a finger to Eli's hole, the handsome daddy could feel the tight pressure of his insides squeeze his digit, indicating what it might feel like that fucking him. He was not a virgin, but he was like a vice even around his knuckle. As he worked his way in deeper, Eli began to moan, loving every second of the inspection and the way Dr. Wolf worked his rock hard shaft. Eli was sure this couldn't be simply medical in nature, but he didn't want to question it for fear it might stop.

When Eli was seated back up on the table, the young man took a chance and extended his hand out to touch the doctor's crotch. To his delight, not only was it bulging with the concealed erection of the older man, but Dr. Wolf didn't stop him. Instead, Dr. Wolf leaned down to meet his mouth to the boys, giving him a sweet, gentle kiss.

Dr. Wolf invited Eli to take out his cock, giving him a chance to see just how excited he was. Eli's eyes practically bugged out of his head when he saw what Dr. Wolf had hidden in his pants. The massive ten inch cock was beautifully smooth and rigid down to the base, propped up by enormous hanging balls and ginger red hair. Eli felt intimidated by its size, but Dr. Wolf continued to kiss him and caress him, making him feel more trusting of the older man's intentions.

Dr. Wolf mounted up behind him, gently placing his penis at the entrance of Eli's hole. Eli in turn guided the man's cock to his sphincter, desperate to feel him open him up. It felt like an eternity before Wolf's shaft began to move inside him, but once it did, Eli could feel every inch of his girth and length prying him open.

The bare cock slid smoothly and slowly, gripped tightly by Eli's young hole. Dr. Wolf could feel it begin to relax, but it stayed firm on him the entire time he worked his way in. Eli's cock leaked precum, seemingly in responses to his shallow thrusts. He didn't want to push Eli too fast, but his desire to breed him was becoming too strong to hold back.

Turning Eli around, Dr. Wolf let the young man bounce on his cock, allowing him to control the speed and depth of the fucking. It was enough to give Eli the chance to open up and get more used to the massive cock, but Dr. Wolf's patience could only hold out for so long. He wanted Eli badly, and he felt so good on his cock.

The older man got up on top of him, plunging his monster meat deep into his body, filling him far past he'd ever experienced before. The deep penetration was practically enough to make Eli cum right then and there, but he held out to give the older man the chance to fully enjoy his body. It didn't take long for Dr. Wolf's cock to milk out an intense load, filling him up with an explosive load deep into his guts.
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Roman & Luke in San Antonio

Roman and Luke could practically be twins! They're both lean, athletic, horny guys with close cropped hair and sexy spattering of tattoos. They both love to kiss, suck, and fuck. The biggest difference between them seems to be Luke's hot, wet jock pussy and Roman's thick, throbbing cock!

As the two kiss and feel each other's bodies, their loins practically catch fire as they think about tearing off their underwear and getting right to business! Roman immediately dives his tongue between Luke's legs, caressing his furry thighs as he kisses and sucks on the trans boy's hard clit. Luke moans as Roman aggressively kisses and devours his cunt, lapping at its crevasses and triggering his pleasure center with precision.

Luke returns the favor, taking Roman's thick meat between his lips and slobbering all over it from tip to taint. Roman's heavy balls churn up a hot load as Luke's mouth swallows him down, feeling the egg-sized nuts on his chin as he moves up and down the stiff pole. Roman rests a hand on the back of Luke's head, guiding him on his shaft as he expertly sucks him off. But Luke needs no assistance. He knows his way around a cock better than most!

His skilled mouth gets Roman ready for a deep fuck. Putting Luke on his back, Roman spreads Luke's legs apart, giving him a hot look at his ass and pussy. He can barely decide where to begin, but the throbbing clit points the way to Luke's cunt, making Roman eager to feel it wrapped around his massive tool.

Inch by inch Roman slides in, feeling the firm muscles of Luke's hole around his cock. He pumps back and forth, feeling the juicy hole massage him from the inside, practically milking him of the load Luke hard already worked up. Roman grips onto Luke's muscular thighs, fucking him hard as he plays with his hard clit.

Roman feels right at home dick deep in Luke's guts, especially as he begins to erupt! With a few final pumps, Roman unleashes his load all over Luke's abs, just a few inches away from where his cock had been! Luke loves the feeling of his hot jizz all over him, happy to have cum all over that cock to make it explode!
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Logan & Hunter

As the aggressive top dominates the young man's ass, Hunter's sculpted body is on perfect display, showing why it is that men beg to be filled with his seed, regardless of how rough or intense it may be to get. Logan is plenty vocal about how much he loves the bull's hard pounding, breaking through his moans to ask for more, only to have his wish fulfilled by being jackhammered harder and deeper.

Every muscle in Hunter's body flexes as he uses his strength and stamina to drive Logan wild, seeming to control him from the inside out with nothing more than the power of his superior tool. Every hour in the gym has paid off to make him a Titan in the bedroom, and as he grunts and conquers Logan's hole, he gets himself ever closer to breeding his hungry partner.

Logan feels for something to hold onto as the epic fucking continues, trying to brace himself for the explosive climax. With nothing more than Hunter's massive pecs to grab, he feels like a ragdoll being shaken with every thrust.

Hunter switches things up and puts Logan all fours, giving him a chance to prop himself in place. Hunter will get off either way, but he knows it'll be more enjoyable for him if he doesn't need to keep pulling Logan back onto his shaft with each hard slam of his pelvis. With his arms and legs working together, Logan is able to withstand the brutal dicking that Logan is looking for.

Just as Logan thinks his ass is about to split apart, he feels Hunter's hands grip firmly on his hips, as if fucking his bottom half separately from his top half. The raging erection slams hard into his guts before holding him in place for an intense explosion deep inside. Like a bottle of champagne popping, Logan can feel the muscle top's seed pour into him, filling every cavity in his hole until he is completely creamed with alpha seed!
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Kameron Frost & Jimy Fix

Kameron is a young, handsome, heavy-set, smooth, blond guy. He lies on his bed, naked but for a pair of tight shorts. He's waiting to see a physio-therapist.

The physio arrives. Jimy is a lean, cute, dark-haired lad, dressed in a white, medical uniform. He asks what's wrong and Kameron explains. Jimy starts to assess Kameron, casually telling him to remove his shorts and underpants to get a better sense of the problem.

Jimy examines Kameron's upper thighs, running his hands seductively over his soft skin. It immediately proves too much for the patient, whose dick starts to harden.

Before long Jimy is straddling Kameron on the bed, grinding himself over the blond guy's body with deep thrusting movements. The two men start kissing: Intense, deep, passionate kissing.

Jimy starts to suck Kameron off. His mouth almost swallows Kameron's weighty, cut cock while his wet, sensual French lips glide over his patient's shaft with increasing intensity.

Seconds later, Jimy is on his back on the bed, and Kameron is squatting between his legs, relentlessly pounding his dick deep into the therapist's smooth hole, while Jimy gasps and moans. The bed vibrates with the rhythm of Kameron's excited strokes which get harder and faster. The headboard bangs against the wall behind the bed.

Kameron pulls out and blasts vast quantities of sticky sperm only Jimy's stomach. The semen flies up as far as Jimy's face and forms a puddle in his belly button.

Within seconds, Jimy himself is shooting his load. His man juice flies neatly into the pool of cum on his stomach.
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<b>STORY: Boy Jaden<br />CHAPTER 1: The Grooming</b>

Young Jaden was short and pale-skinned with dark hair, deep red lips and large, mournful, trusting eyes. It was going to be an absolute pleasure to show him what his young body was designed for...

The boy arrived, nervously holding a teddy bear. I immediately took it away from him.

I could instantly tell that he was a good, compliant boy. He stood very still as I slowly undid his shirt. He responded well to my touch. I pulled at his nipples and he closed his eyes, subtly tilting his head towards me as though he wanted to kiss.

He was practically half my size. I grabbed his crotch through his jeans and felt his dick swelling.

I pulled him into me and pushed down his jeans, running my hands over his ass, feeling the soft, pale, virgin flesh through his baggy boxer shorts.

I lay him on a leather bench and covered his thin, tight body in oil. I pulled his legs wide apart before squeezing his testicles.

I pulled his legs right over his shoulders, so his bony little ass and tight, teenaged hole were presenting themselves to me. I have a special little toy that I like to use on first-timers. It's just big enough to open them up without causing too much discomfort.

His hole gaped - creating a deep, dark cavern for me to spit into.

I gave him permission to play with himself. He was lying on his front when he started to cum but compliant enough to turn over as impressive darts of semen flew out of his dick.
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Colton & Valentino

Young Italian Stallion, Valentino is back - and surprisingly, he's been paired up with a tall, older top!

The two men show off their gym skills. Colton drops to the floor and demonstrates some impressive press-ups. Valentino does a few squats to show off his muscular thighs and peachy bum.

The room bristles with sexual energy.

Colton kisses the Italian's neck and suddenly they're lost in each other's bodies, kissing with deep passion while their hands wantonly investigate each other's bodies.

Valentino sits on the kitchen counter and spreads his legs while Colton gently grinds his hard tool into his groin.

Colton drops to his knees to skillfully service the Italian before the gesture is reciprocated.

Valentino turns and bends over. Colton feeds the tip of his long dick into the Italian's hole and slowly pushes himself all the way in.

Valentino leans over the counter. Colton starts long-dicking him and the two men kiss as Colton bangs harder and harder.

The Italian brings one leg up onto the counter, demonstrating great flexibility and widening his hole so that Colton can thrust even deeper.

Valentino gets on his back on the rug and Colton takes him from the front. The position enables the men to kiss freely and for Colton to go balls deep.

Colton squats over Valentino and the two men jerk themselves. Colton shoots his big load all over Valentino's six pack. Valentino follows suit and their cum merges in gleaming puddles on his chest.
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<b>STORY: Our Family Bonds<br />TAPE #1: Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel</b>

When I presented myself in front of my grandpa, wearing nothing under my robe but a jockstrap, he gave me a look that made me forget all my doubts. He came closer to me, making me feel so small next to his large, muscular body, and gave me a deep kiss.

He didn't remove his robe right away, though. Instead, he pulled mine off, letting it fall from my body onto the floor. He looked me over, feeling my chest and arms, taking me in his eyes. He even reached around to my backside, feeling the cheeks of my exposed ass.

My grandpa then laid me down on a bed face down. I was more excited than I could imagine, turning into a puddle as he began to run his hands on my back. I thought he was going to give me a massage, but then I felt the unmistakable feeling of his scruffy beard and mouth trailing behind his hands. He kissed me from my neck all the way down my spine, rubbing me and relaxing me until his lips began to kiss my ass.

My back arched as he did, seemingly involuntarily to the way it shot pleasure throughout my body. I couldn't believe that his tongue was sliding between my ass, lapping at my hole. My cock was pressed between the bed and my stomach, grinding into the bed as it swelled up and began to leak.

My grandpa had an incredible tongue. I didn't realize that being licked and kissed there could feel so good. He came up for air after a while of swirling his tongue around to kiss me on the lips again. As he did, I could see that he took off his robe. He was so handsome, so strong, so sexy. And the bulge in his jockstrap was like a baseball!

As much as I loved the deep rimming he gave me, what really set me off was when he brought out the clear, glass toy. It was like a wand that he used to trigger every internal pleasure. He oiled it up, getting it good and wet before he moved it between my cheeks where his tongue had been.

It felt cool and firm, like a steel pipe, but smooth and rounded like it had no edges whatsoever. I was nervous, but looking back at my grandpa, he nodded and told me it would be okay. I trust my grandpa more than anyone else. And even though I was a little scared, I wanted to do it. For him.

It seemed too big at first. Like it could split me in two. But when grandpa gave me one more deep kiss and I felt my body open like it had for my first time. The toy slipped inside my hole, pushing up against my prostate. My balls felt funny and my cock leaked even more on my stomach.

I felt like I was about to explode and I tried to hold back as much as possible. But it was no use. Suddenly and without control, I burst all over my stomach, right through my jockstrap and onto the bed. Jet after jet of cum poured out of me, covering me in my own fluids.

At first I was embarrassed, worried that I'd disappointed my grandpa and ruined the opportunity to show him I could be a good boy.

Thankfully, he didn't seem bothered. He actually seemed amazed! He smiled, thrilled to have given me pleasure. I lifted myself up and he could see the mess I'd left on myself. He ran his hand all over it, playing with my cum and tasting it, bringing it to his fingers and up to his mouth. He ate it like it was some sweet treat. It was wild to see him swallow my cum, but all it made me want was a taste of his!
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Valentin Solis & Rod Malek

Valentin knows how to sell sex! He manufactures dildos and makes a small fortune traveling throughout Europe calling on the guys he knows will take the biggest orders. And because he knows that sex sells, he uses sex to sell it!

Rod looks forward to Valentin's visits. Rod runs a large sex shop in a seedy district of Paris. He knows Valentin charges him double what he ought to be paying... but he also knows it'll be worth it!

Valentin is looking particularly hot when he calls in on Rod. He's wearing a beautifully-tailored grey suit.

Rod drags Valentin into the back room. He unzips Valentin's fly and starts feeling the salesman's giant dick. Seconds later, he's on his knees, sucking it like the end of the world is coming!

Valentin is an arrogant fucker and likes to give the impression that he's taking everything in his stride. His reticence and aloofness only makes Rod work harder!

Valentin grabs Rod's head and pushes his dick deeper and deeper into his mouth. Rod isn't giving Valentin a blow job: Valentin is fucking Rod's face.

The dildo demonstration takes place on a workbench. Rod, stripped naked, sits on the table, legs spread and Valentin hands him a series of dildos to experiment with and tells him what to do with them.

Valentin slowly takes his clothes off exposing an impressive tattoo on his left arm. He's excited by Rod's display. Rod grinds himself up and down on the giant dildos before aggressively thrusting them in and out of his ass.

Valentin moves closer to Rod and stands between his legs, blasting huge jets of cum across Rod's thigh and onto his waist. Rod excitedly follows suit, cumming heavily over his washboard stomach.
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<b>STORY: Kai<br />CHAPTER 2: Size Difference</b>

I was totally psyched when Dr Wolf invited me back to his house. He got me a soda and we sat down to watch some telly. We were on this big, comfy couch and he reached out and put his arm around me. His hands must almost be twice the size of mine.

Before long, he'd stood me up and we were kissing each other. I had to get on my tiptoes just to reach his mouth!

He got me standing on the couch while he stood on the floor. That made us almost the same height!

Moments later, I felt him picking me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his fingers pushing into my ass. I was a bit scared, but I couldn't wait to try anal again.

I got on my knees to suck him. I'm determined to get that thing all the way in one day.

He spread his legs real wide and encouraged me to climb onto his lap.

I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my hole. I panicked for a moment, but I willed myself to calm down and started to push myself down onto him. I literally felt like I was being torn in half...

It felt incredible. I lost track of everything around me - all I knew was that I wanted him.

I started being more active, thrusting my body up and down, as he inched further and further into me. I felt euphoric.

He started moaning and then told me he was gonna pump me full of cum. Seconds later his dick started pulsating. I could feel it in my stomach. I could actually feel the liquid squirting inside me.
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